Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nikki's Bridals

Let me preface this by saying, I come from the most gorgeous family of girls. Seriously. My mom = gorgeous. My sister Jen = gorgeous. My sister Nikki is no exception, she is gorgeous. So when the opportunity arose to take bridal pictures of my gorgeous sister in the most gorgeous paradise (called Fripp Island) I was giddy. Now on to the incredible amount of gorgeous pictures. (Have I said gorgeous enough?) Nikki gets married on September 4th in the Mount Timpanogos temple. Our family will finally be complete and I can't wait for Robby to join our family. (I may get a little mooshey here, so either skip this and look at the pictures or bare with me). Robby makes Nikki so happy, and as her sister and one of her biggest fans, this makes me so happy. I've seen her heart finally feel full and complete. Robby is a fantastic guy from a great family and I'm so so happy he and Nikki will be sealed forever.